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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  September 25, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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romney should announce he will be available to meet with u.n. leaders as u.n. assembly as all responsible president do. not a bad political idea. that is it for us, thanksr for being with us, good night from new york. >> we're going to work with you to lower your premiums by 2500 per family per year, we'll do it by the end of my first term as president of the united starts of america. neil: no, not quite. that was then, this is now, this is going to make you sick. your health care premium, you know, through the roof. i am neil cavuto. there is no way to help this medicine go down, forget health care law saving you 2500 bucks,
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more like costing but that much more. talk about putting prem outin premium -- the prem up on in premium in premium, average american now playing 500 more smackers. on average 2370 more for average family with employer provided plan. pretty much, do not matter the plan. if you are on medicare, more for your prescriptnd seniors enrollf the popular drug plans are looking at double digit premium hikes next year, if they don't shop for a better deal now, don't say i did not warn you, long before bill clinton spoke of basic arig ma tick years ag.
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a lot more. and when the money those are supposedly getting for folks who have to kick in for mandatory coverage will not be kicking those bucks in for years now. that kicks in right now, so, premiums go up, i think that 2400-dollar thing is just for starters, that is the thing about getting all those care goodies up front, contrary to what you were told, do you have to pay for them a lot, a lot more, doesn't grover norquist know it, he says problems are getting worse but not too surprising? >> no, it is what we should have expected when the government
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said we're going to spend trillions of dollars and no one will pay for it. neil: think millions coming on a system, with preexisting conditions, and so much else that whether you were for the heartfelt decency and goodness that you would not see premiums go up to cover th them? >> obama and democrats said they were going to ben the cost curve down, that sounds like a good idea, but there are two parts of obamacare that quote, unquote safsafesave money, they stop pag hospitals 700 plus billion, just cut medicare. which cuts what hospitals can do for you. the other par is the committee that will deny care, the only
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part that drops the cost of health care, because they will save you at certain ages and certain diseases, you can't get that operation, you can't get the more expensive medicine. those are the only ways they reduce cost. neil: so, -- >> overall there are increases. they are adding a tax on all medical devices. how does that reduce the cost? >> leaves that aside, i could argue the math could get in their favor if you add in year 2016 the otherwise healthy i don't think people who have to get -- young people who have to geinsurance their money goes ino the system. if you crunch those numbers it is well she was thos shy of thon
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more being covered. and later on 6 million more americans than we thought will have to pay that health care penalty they will be in no position to foot the bill. >> if obamacare made economic sense, they would not be hiding some of the costs by pushing them out. this does not all take place on one day. certain things happen now, other things years later, some tax increases, and reductions and benefits and health care that you get, come after the next election. after two elections, they phase in the bad news, hopefully so they can keep getting the reelection. if this made sensey thiy would have written it down, and showed us before 2008 election, they did not do there is a reason they did not want to read it before passing it. neil: here is something that i
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think surprised them, they thought they this goodies loaded up front, the preexisting coverage, get your kids on the policy. without us seeing the not so goody part. that is premiums going up, and premium increase would be delayed until after the election. we soon found out that is not the case. insurance companies, you could argue might have prematurely jumped gun, i'm not surprised they did, higher costs come on, they have to pass it along. up so fact -- everyone is screwed up. >> you remember nancy pelosi's comment we have to pass the bill so you can learn what is in it the house had a rule at the time nobel should be passed unless is sat for a week on internet so every american could actually read it if they wanted to and look at different sections there
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is a reason they did not do that because it did not pass the laugh test. now kind of falling apartment and the promise you can keep your health insurance if you wanted to that been broken sadly many times over. if you have a while savings account it is taxed in ways, it is not the same health care it used to be, if you have a flexible savings account it is damaged with taxes, they go through it with a baseball bat and smash up your insurance, and say, hey, our insurance looks getter after that we -- looking better after we messed up yours. neil: and you run to the government in the end, that may have been a trojan horse agreement. >> thank you neil. neil: those electronic record touted as cost saving efficient health care vision of tomorrow, tucked into he'll carr law today, it is not happening like they thought it would, but obama
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folks insist it is the clueless doctors and hospitals. to the person who says that is not what is up doc. doctor, i always thought that idea of electronic records made sense. they would avoid duplication, they could find out about you avoid wasting time it is not panning out that way, why not? >> some of the time it, but majority of time physicians find in private practice setting it is not cost effective, 20% less productive for them to use a electronic medical record, a lot of their attention is diverted away from their patient today the electronic medical record, you think about that computer, the face less bureau -- is the faceless bureaucrat in the room.
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>> we will go back to 2009. >> if you like your plan and your doctor, you will not have to do a thing, you keep your plan and your doctor. >> if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your healthcare flan plan. >> you can keep your plan, period. neil: no you can't, period, there will be a push that comes to shove it will not be feasible, right. >> right. tell that to the approximately 20 million people, estimated who will lose not only their health care plan but there are employer as well when the -- their doctor as well when the employer is set to find the insurance. neil: that is true, i talked with a lot of businesses, who said, insurance is getting more expensive, i might drop,
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payless, and who cares, maybe this has been factored in to 6 million americans now calculated to have to pay penalty, rather than 4 million, estimated more than a couple weeks ago. i am sure that number is going up, maybe this was part of a grand plan, to get the government as the single entity in this and push all of these other guys out, if that is true, i think it is then what does that mean for doctors like you? >> well, first of all we were not in the behind closed-door planning session. >> why should you be? you are just the healthcare providers. >> just the boots on the ground practicing doctor. but i think that employers by and large want to do the right thing. but looking at profit margin per employee, the employer has to look at that, if the cost of that employee's healthcare insurance exceeds the profit made on that employee, you can see what sort of a bind that
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places the employer in. neil: do you get a sense, the whole rag nal fo rational for pg healthcare. pressure put on providers to be lean and mean as possible, and everyone benefits. we know premiums are up, and service has been compromised. we know a lot of medical devices, charges and the fees are going up well beyond the rate of inflation. that is not what we were promised. >> i think your summerrization in the listing of things that have been heaped upon as unintended consequences are a good argument as to why the federal government cannot fix what is wrong with our health care system, and still reserve the finest care in the world. hopefully, we can get this law repealed so that real reform can take place, that will have to
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happen on a more local level like the state level, and there are plans that are available that would accomplish this. neil: doctor, i have talked with a lot of doctors that have dispensed with their front offeroffice or close, and said u want our service you will be charged directly, you figure out with the insurance or whatever the government requires we are not, is that a trend? >> well, it a trend, because physicians are placing themselves at risk not only economic well -- but a morale and ethical standpoint when the end result is to be hooked into the central planners, and health and human services who'll collect data on each patient you see, you will enter, then dispense a cookbook response to as to what you can or cannot do in terms of that patient's care. neil: amazing doctor, thank you for just adding common sense to this, it would have been a good
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idea, to have folks like you. >> up next, both bailouts were bad, today we learn they were worse than thought, because tim geithner all but doubled down on a bad bet then, the sheets are they are rolling in the dough, and now we kind find the dough,
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>> it never should have happened, it should never happen again, people who are in responsible for financial system, should be spending every waking moment making sure this never does have to happen again. neil: i wish i had time to find out how muchate geithner. >> i was cand it, w candid. we have fundamental
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disagreements. neil: she does hate him by the way. she says that the bank bailout was a mess. ch new book. for playing favorite on the bank bailouts and leaving taxpayers stuck with a bigger than expected bill, that could get big again because she thinks we will revisit this. david asman was with me covering this. everyone onboard. >> that is a scary thing, we could go through it again, she said that. it could happen again. listening to her, reading her snippets from the book. like reading comments from someone who went through a cult,
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and deprogrammed. said it was one of the most disstays full things i -- distaste full thing in the public life. ngil again i went through. >> because 1 yo once you get int mode there is no stopping it you have billions, and we're talking trillions of dollars once get into the bailout mode there is no stopping, it is not my money, there is e -- an endless supply because ben bernard ward can bernarbernanke can keepprinting. neil: she said, can we take a time out. >> she was anointed by the -- appointed by the way, 5 members of the fdic were appointed.
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she was appointed by bush, 200 2006-2011. neil: she is a republican. >> a middle of the road republican. neil: she balked at the large sums. we don't have time to dither here. now many have argued had we not done that the world would not look like it does today, which is my point, i am not a fan of how the world looks today. she said, we'll beata again we have done nothing to correct >> we have free market friends that said they were for the bailout, but she said, if we broke up 6 citibank into oppone, they should not rely on federal reserve to bail them out, this is our money they are bailed out with.
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neil: and it does affect their behavior, the whole idea with lehman brothers going under, a feeling they were holding back a u.s. rescue to get a better deal. but i wonder now, she said, that this notion that too big to fail has been put off the table. she likes to think that is a worthy goal. that if bank of america hits the fan or a citi hits fan i doubt we would not rescue them again. neil: dodd-franks said it is supposed to end all bailouts, does anyone believe that, as long as banks have access to federal reserve prints presses, our friends for the bail out said they paid back the money, even steven and it find, that is not true. because all while fed for past 4 or 5 years has been printing money like crazy, 2.5 trillion worth of cash, that affects all money that is in our pocket that
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devalues our money, most people say there is no inflation, i do not buy that. neil: and changed culture, once you go from too big to fail it goes too many to ignore and auto companies, and who are expecting this, it changes the paradigm, you know what i mean. any company any industry knows we get in a hype of trouble there is uncle sam. neil: irony, fdic goes back to 1930s, the clas glass steag illt that bill clinton overturned. that dealt with our deposits, there was a wall that divided those, bill clinton knocked down that wall. he is putting the finger on the republicans for deregulating he is the biggest bank derecession
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or -- deregulate or of all-times. >> he was petitioning ou pushine subprime loans, and we saw what happened. i know i am a free market person but if there is any regulation in the world that i think may be we should revisit is glass-steagall. it o was created to keep the wal street banks from getting their hands on the people's money, i do not want to insure the fly flying banks that are making easy money off of our money. neil: i don't know what you said. in ohio you are a lock in, in the white house, right now the president is in ohio.
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>> they have rejected every effort to reduce the national debt if that effort required even one dollar one dime in additional revenue comes from people making more than 1 million-dollars, that is a fact. neil: joe biden blasting the republican ticket for not taxing
11:27 pm
the rich, you did not hear about him talking about ghosts. we'll show that you in 10 minutes. but first to energy. energizing ohio voters, president leading in polls in ohio, ohio coal miner and engineer ceo does not understand, the strategy is not good for ohio, and not going to help barack obama in that state. very good to have you mr. murray. >> thank you it is good to talk to you again, neil. neil: let's talk about what is going on in ohio, we don't know whahow big a part coawell,oal pn your state, but president leads, what is going on? >> i don't believe those polls,
11:28 pm
i believe that governor romney will carry ohio. the eastern and southern parts of state, they are 3-1 democrat are not voting for bakar barack, they know he is destroying their lives, and his radical bureaucrats as well. and his war to coal . he -- has closed 204 coal -fire powerplants in america, raised electric rates for all americans $200 billion already, these people get it in eastern ohio, they are not going to vote for barack obama. neil: now the ryan and romney camp has been talking about how bad the president is going to be for a lot. this is for paul, i want you to react. >> this president cannot run on his record. this president can going to say anything and everything to try
11:29 pm
to blame to duck and to i did sport, and to de-- desport, defy, win by i di default, you w what, ohio, we're not going to let him. neil: when you hear president touting improving economy numbers, still weak as we know for this stage in a recovery, but they are better than they were, and president saying hey look i've been for pursuing coal and oil as much as green energy, someone is buying, that right? >> i hope not. because it is a absolute lie from the president. and anyone that supports him to say that he is eliminating low-cost electricity in america. it is a human issue to me because it is the lives and livelihoods of my employees he is destroying, people are not
11:30 pm
buying his lies. lies. >> how i is he stopping our industry from expanding and mining more coal, white house says we have more coal mining going on today than when the president took over. >> he is doing it two ways, in our permitting, we cannot get permits for regulations, they come out of the department of interior, department of labor. rules and regulations he is playing down we cannot get permission to mine the cole. and on the utilization end,
11:31 pm
causing electric utilities to stop burning cold. an-- coal, he substitutes his wind and solar power they get 24-dollars a killa watt hour fro watt hour from the taxpayer it should not exist. we'll have a crises in america, you may not be in the cold city -- ca coal city, but everyone should wake up to what is happening. china will have the 4-cent a kilkilo watt hour. the next thing you will have obama doing is asking for legislation to pay people's electric bills. the interconnection, this is -- i think important for your
11:32 pm
viewers, every quarter that the pga intercon13 utilities they buy and sell to one another in an auction, auction price for 15 and 16 just went up 800%, 8 times for this quarter for 15 and 16 over what cost of power is, in 11 and 12. that is happening. neil: we're watching robert, and your passion is not ignored. robert murray, salt lake city, yothank you, sir. neil: to roberts point, no wonder these guys are in the black then, they are getting all of the green, that is enough to make me see red. want to try to crack it? yeah, that's the way to do it! now we need a little bit more... a little bit more vanilla? this is great!
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neil: they are running surpluses we run on empty, allow me to throttle this, most arab exporters report bigger budget surpluses, almost all making money hand over fist. do you know why? they have been profiting big time off of every drop of oil they have, they have been getting every drop of oil they can find, who can blame them.
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there is big money. and for countries steeped in it from united arab emirates, and saudi arabia, and bahrain, and kuwait, new meaning to drill baby drill, they are running in the black because they are pushing all resources they have, everywhere, an anywhere, every . look at us. we have more fossil fuels than these countries do combined. yet we tapout a traction, a fraction of oil, of coal, all our energy, no matter we're so deep in the red. i do not think that is an accident. when you don't leverage what you have, you will always be in debt to those who happily exploit to those who won't. they all get surplus on oil this
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neil: california learning high taxes will make people high tail it out. the state, a quarter million leaving each year for other states, blaming high taxes, high cost of leaving and a government they deem unfriendly to business. not just california big government causing problem everywhere. 47%, what is with that number, 47% of voters think that government is intervening too much. between mitt romney's comes and this, this 47% thing is a big figure. latest polls, at 47%. 666. but not all bad news for white
11:41 pm
house, more people are feeling good or better. consumer nene rising to highest level we've seen since february but feeling worse than a few years ago. same deal with housing, better but bad. home prices in july rising by more than a percent compared to last year, but my own house for example is still the valuation of a cheap stuckey's on i-95. below its peak. by the way, tom a romney superdelegate, very well connected. i agree with you, i think we have gotten used to gets shellacked on the numbers and we're pleasantly surprised when we are not shellacked. >> neil, you are so correct.
11:42 pm
unfortunately. any number improve, is seen as great. they have done a masterful job in convincing the american people that thing are getting better. but looking at how they are versus where we are, we're have not moved forward. neil: your point wellpointed. that if you gotten used to years of crappy data. and now you look on the sites or your 401(k) statement, you no longer losing money, and your house worth a few more rubles, you really think you are off to the races, i know that is asinine but it could be the wind at president's back. >> looking at data coming in front of us over next few months, that will give a huge signal we've not moved forward at all. neil: but what about like today in consumer confidence rose, and housing percolate.
11:43 pm
what do you think? >> it will come down to, who will be better for the economy moving forward, yes, granted indexes are almost at all highs that looks great when you get yore statement. how much further would we have been if you know we had a pro business administration. neil: you never know. that is what you have to challenge. i want your reaction, joe biden, commenting anywhere we've come versus where we've been. >> they act like somehow in settlement of 2008, all of a sudden then recession fell from the sky and bang. wow. how did this happen? how did this happen? as my number three granddaughter would say, pop, did kasper the friendly ghost do it? how? >> what do you think? >> listen, i mean, it's all politics, he has to go out and pitch to the american people
11:44 pm
their policies are what saved economy when -- >> that is another humorous attempt to say look what we inherited. >> lea like saying what is the - you know blaming bush, over. i tell you this. it will come down to numbers, and who is best suited to move this economy forward, you know in my opinion, not just being from wall street, middle class has not moved forward, people think because the markets are up, they are doing better. but they are not. looking at reagan, he inherited a recession, unemployment 10.2%, in 37 months he gave the jobs back, created additional million, and with that same we're down 4 million jobs, what does that tell you, all his policies, have not worked. neil: but it all hinges on debates from mitt romney. >> i agree.
11:45 pm
neil: he has to say with same passion you said. said, i don't know if he can. >> all about his passion, and him convincing the voters on the sidelines that his plan will work for america. and that i think what will be tipping point of him win the race come november. neil: you should go into politics, you know? you could run as a socialist a communist, i vote for you. say, wow. you know. and you press well. >> thank you for those kind words. >> well, arizona risks racial profiling, enforcing its immigration policy but not new york, enforcing its gun possession policies, not there, possession policies, not there, not seems they haven't been moving much lately. but things are starting to turn around because of business people like you.
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neil: a new bill -- new york city pushing a new law letting police search anyone they suspect might be carrying a weapon, surprising there, it has not created that big of a problem in the big apple, even though is smells like profiling racially. and outrage in arizona but nothing here. to washington examine suzanne on this, what do you make of this double standard. >> it is subtle. but if you compare two sides, the way that "new york times" look at stop and friskaw in new york and arizona voter i.d. law it drastic, they call in arizona the brutal anti-latino
11:50 pm
law. the stop and search identity law in arizona, but search in frisk law, well, it may be alienating some minority communities, you can tell language is so different, they are relieved that number of stop and frisk reports are going down, there is no outrage in new york. the way there was in arizona when this law sb1070 passed in arizona, this is night and day, in village voice, a popular news papeer in new york, they say that you know, i am quoting that policing is a tough job, cop need the tools to do it right, that how is a describe the stop and frisk law. neil: is that not the same argument used for crackdown on illegals in arizona, you know, no one talks about the dispro disproportionate number of african-americans who ask to be
11:51 pm
risfrisked. >> looking at number, almost 700,000 folks have been searched, and vast majority of those targets have been blacks and latinos, the evidence is right there people who are targeted by this are latinos and are blacks that could be described in some sense as racial profiling, but in new york time editorial they focus on way some women are humiliated by the law, police are searching their purses, not getting into the really the nitty-gritty of how blacks and latinos are target the. but when the airsary law, of ary arizona law it was all about the targets of latinos and was clairly a case of racial profiling. just a stark contrast with media coverage in new york and arizona. neil: time not so jaded to think that maybe a conservative state versus what is deemed to be a liberal city might get different
11:52 pm
press coverage. >> that is part of it, i think mayor bloomberg is person -- has a lot to do with it, considered more of a moderate, and jan brewer in arizona is considered conservative republican that plays into how the coverage is played out in the press for sure. neil: suzanne amazing thank you very much, good seeing you again. >> thank you. neil: well i always knew that bill clinton of very good at retail politics. this week did he prove he was even better at retailer politics, the big dog made mince meat out of a very big liberal lie.
11:53 pm
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with total customer support. legalzoom documents have been accepted in all 50 states, and they're backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. so go to today and see for yourself. it's law that just makes sense. neil: bill clinton wants wal-mart to open a store in in asia and india. don't laugh. that would be easier than opening a store in brooklyn. politicians major that would not have been. making sure that nonunion tree would not grow. nobody argued wal-mart would create jobs but democrats worried it would not the union said they did not count. bill clinton said any jobs
11:57 pm
to count. that why when he challenged them to go to libya. he wants to talk about union jobs or nine union jobs. work. now. because the world needs the jobs and it can have the affordable goods it is screaming for break. a price break. the most successful president since fdr figures it is a win/win. those customers here in the city need the price relief. some were denied the retailer without residence ever having a say. the former president figured veto but the job street grow in brooklyn could you plan
11:58 pm
to one in been gauzy? think of the one of the most respected democrats to say maybe we had it wrong on wal-mart. maybe it is not the type of jobs democratic friendly jobs, union jobs but the inherent dignity of pork if you give the manage job, you give a man his dignity. clinton makes us wonder if the folks in washington even know that. we'll injury another big critic of this president's policies on what he got right in this country and what is suffering. he is under the belief in the unemployment rate masks
11:59 pm
the seriousness by half. 8% is more like 16%.


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